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  •  11 Mar 2014 23:15

Release Notes: Long-awaited support for creating hierarchical queries (with a relation to yourself) using key aliases; see the new method Key.alias() for more info. A new XSD file for ORM configuration files is available to check a data structure. An XSD file generator providing a UJO class is available in a new module (ujo-xsd). Some code cleanup has been done and the documentation was extended.

  •  03 Feb 2014 23:29

Release Notes: Native database sequences are supported by the new class 'NativeDbSequencer'. The operator 'BinaryOperator.NOT' is supported in the ORM module now. The method KeyRing.find(..) is improved for parsing of composite Keys. The PropertyModifier class is redesigned for cleaner code and better performance.

  •  21 Jan 2013 05:04

Release Notes: Many Ujo Validators are available in the CORE module for common use. The one database request loading for relations is supported using the database Query object API. Lazy loading can be disabled by default for each Query. The CSV import tool can check the content of the header in the reading time. The RingBuffer tool was extended for new useful methods. More checkpoints, code cleanup, and jUnit tests are done. The documentation was extended.

  •  12 Dec 2012 22:46

Release Notes: Database statements UPDATE or DELETE support entity relations in the Criterion, including batch mode. SQL entity and column names can be "quoted" optionally in real SQL statements; for more information see the method: MetaParams.setQuotedSqlNames(). The one critical bug is fixed for some cases of the lazy loading. Explicitly defined Key name created using a factory is fixed. A new plugin to the NetBeans IDE to generate getters and setters easily for UJO.

  •  22 Oct 2012 00:27

Release Notes: A new module called ujo-wicket to provide a model for the Wicket framework from Ujo objects. A new class KeyFactory for an alternative way to create new ujo keys. The new interface WeakKey without the generic domain type parameter is finished; it is the simplified Key. A new class KeyRing intended to create a serializable and immutable Key collection. The class SpringKeyFactory is implemented to create special Keys; see the new class ApplicationContextAdapter. The class TypeService is replaced with a new interface ITypeService for better type-safe specification by Java generics.

  •  30 Jan 2012 22:52

Release Notes: The UjoProperty interface extends the CriterionMaker now for a simpler Criterion building. A new annotation parameter called converter can be assigned for a special reading data from/to ResultSet. A new method UjoComparator.sort() is implemented, as well as a better type safe using Java generics. Solid database names of foreign columns name constraints are implemented. The right parameter of Criterion can be an indirect property. The default implementation toString() of the AbstractUjo object is improved.

  •  07 Nov 2011 21:44

Release Notes: Java 7.0 is supported now. Native SQL queries can be used in the run-time on demanding requirements. Direct support for the Slf4J Logger framework. A slightly extended API for easier use. A new special interface to store binary content to a BLOB. A new special class (OrmTableSynchronized) is available for safe use in a multi-thread environment. Many other extensions have been implemented. Small bugfixes for some dialects, and some minor bugs are fixed.

  •  12 Jun 2011 21:25

Release Notes: The batch INSERT and UPDATE are supported. Select DISTINCT is supported now. Each meta-model table can be marked as READ-ONLY. The documentation Ujorm User Guide is extended and new samples are done. Database commits are executed by order of assigning database models now. Many Ujorm source code cleanups are finished. The constructor new SortingProperty(..) has been replaced by a factory method, PathProperty.sort(..).

  •  07 Feb 2011 08:01

Release Notes: A dialect for the MS-SQL database has been implemented. A new native Criterion was implemented with an SQL expression to use on Ujorm query. A new annotation @Comment can be used to describe database tables or columns. The lack of the "ujorm_pk_support" table is no longer incorrectly taken as a sign to create all of the DB structure. The formation of the "ujorm_pk_support" table can be suppressed by overriding the method UjoSequencer.isSequenceTableRequired() in case a different implementation of the ID generator is used. The Ujorm User Guide documentation was extended.

  •  29 Oct 2010 22:09

Release Notes: The Ujorm User Guide is complete. A new effective method for bulk loading of lazy attributes: OrmTools.loadLazyValuesAsBatch(). Support for the Spring Framework to manage an ORM session and transactions. Criterion have native support for the IN operator. UjoProperty default value reading is fixed in some cases. JavaDoc is improved.


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