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W-Packager is a packager similar to dpkg that can be used by anyone to create and maintain Debian packages under Linux or other Unix systems. The aim of the project is primarily to have a workable version of a packager that can be compiled on many systems, including those that do not support fork(). At this time, W-Packager is used within UniGW. It can also be used under Linux.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  17 Sep 2013 08:32

Release Notes: The advgetopt unit test now covers 100% of this class, and three bugs were fixed. Incorrect file name comparisons done with UTF-8 strings were fixed.

  •  17 Sep 2013 01:49

Release Notes: This release fixes three problems with the advgetopt class, which would not always parse parameters properly. This is important if you use configuration files or the WPKG_OPTIONS variable.

  •  29 Aug 2013 14:09

Release Notes: Filenames are no longer URI escaped.

  •  10 Aug 2013 22:36

Release Notes: This release creates source packages, then binary packages from those source packages. In effect, wpkg has become an advanced build system.

  •  10 Aug 2013 22:36

Release Notes: This version is like 0.8.2, but compiles everything with /MT. This allows the tools (wpkg, especially) to work in a non-development environment.


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