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unserding is a simple pub-sub messaging library, much like 0mq or nanomsg, without all the transports they support and without the reliability promise, made for heavy-duty realtime delivery of time series.

Operating Systems

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  •  21 Mar 2013 14:03

Release Notes: Payload lengths are now expanded to size_t properly (without sign expansion). Payloads of 256b and larger are now encoded and decoded properly.

  •  09 Feb 2013 23:38

Release Notes: This release provides a new, leaner, message-based API: ud_socket() to acquire a socket and instantiate pub/sub'bing, ud_close() to close the socket, ud_pack_msg() to pack a message onto the socket, ud_flush() to send off packed messages, ud_chck_msg() to unpack messages from the socket, and ud_dscrd() to reset the receiver buffer. Compatibility with the old API is dropped.

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21 Mar 2013 08:07 hroptatyr

Sorry pr, didn't get around to reading this. For ubuntu there's a ppa package:

Or, alternatively, see

17 Feb 2013 19:16 prbarker

What are the steps to build and install unserding 0.4.0 on Ubuntu? ./configure complains that I am missing ev.h and libev. Will libevent work instead? Thank you.

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