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  •  21 Dec 2012 02:57

Release Notes: This release provides lzma compression support (ute fsck --compress/--decompress), provides chandeller (ute chndl) to draw candles from tick or snap data, provides an info command (ute info) to get an overview of ute file contents, lets muxer and printer DSOs (modules) have muxer/printer-specific commandline options, gives the hdf5 printer a --matlab option to aid matlab importation, and lets the dukas muxer guess (via --guess) timeseries parameters (such as the symbol name or the reference date) from the filename.

  •  20 Jun 2012 00:05

Release Notes: This bugfix release properly handles tick pages which run out of breathing space, properly reads over marker ticks, copes with systems whose mmap page size is not 4k, and provides an fxstreet muxer, SL2T_{BID,ASK} ticks, m30 and m62 relational ops (gt, lt, eq, ne), and an m30 special FFFF_M30_MKT for market orders.


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