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Voody Blue Subtitler is a suit of programs that allows you to manually synchronize a text file with a video stream, thus creating a subtitles file. It consists of a master client (to do the sync), a slave client (projector), a relay server, and a configuration utility. It runs on Linux and Windows (all except the relay server), supports video output via GStreamer (Linux and Windows) and MPlayer (on Linux only), and supports GTK+ 2 and 3 (decided at compile time).

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  •  27 Aug 2013 03:04

    Release Notes: Support for VLC and GStreamer 1.0 on Linux. Support for building 64-bit binaries for Windows. Support for GTK-3 on Windows. Buttons to jump 1 and 10 minutes forward or backward and also to jump to the beginning of the film. Menu options to shift timing (by adding/subtracting fixed time) and for expanding (by multiplying/dividing by a fixed value) for all subtitles from the current one onward. Original video size is now preserved in GStreamer.

    •  15 Nov 2012 06:58

    Release Notes: Support for GTK3 as well as GTK2, choice will be made at compile time. Support for GStreamer for video playback. Windows support (limitations: vbsd is not available; GTK-2 only is supported, no GTK-3 yet; GStreamer is the only player supported, no MPLayer). Support for i18n via gettext (provided translations for Bulgarian, Russian, English). vbss improvements: font family & face selection, font colour and background selection, font justification selection (all via vbsc). vbsd now can be started by a System V init or by systemd. Proper startup scripts are provided.

    •  28 Feb 2012 01:45

    Release Notes: This release can not only manually synchronize a text file with a video stream to create a subtitles file, but also can play back a subtitle file or relay it through a small server to multiple clients. VBS now consists of several pieces: vbsm (the "master" client to do the timing of subtitles, with or without video playback), vbss (the "slave" client, which can play back a subtitle file or can receive subtitles from a server and show them in realtime), vbsd (the server which relay the subtitles), and vbsc (a configuration utility).

    •  27 Aug 2006 17:05

    No changes have been submitted for this release.


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