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  •  01 Jan 2013 22:54

Release Notes: Unallocated blocks of zeroes are handled now properly (important for shrinking dynamic images). Non-zero extra blocks are supported now. Upcoming image size change is shown before the resize operation, along with the required free space for the operation and free space that is available on the volume at the moment.

  •  13 Oct 2011 21:21

Release Notes: Messages printed by vidma have been slightly changed. A simple configure script has been added that must be run before invoking the make command. Building outside of the source directory is now supported.

  •  22 Feb 2011 22:18

Release Notes: Many restrictive assumptions about supported VDI files have been removed. Now before resizing, the user gets information about the upcoming operation and prompted to verify whether it should really be performed. The resizing strategy has been changed, so moving data is required only during the first extending of the image (unless you cross the 255 GB boundary). The Windows executable now works in Windows 2000.


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