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Release Notes: This release adds better integration with environment and external tools and enhances file filtering capabilities in several ways. Apart from that, old features were tweaked and some build issues and bugs were resolved. New Win32 and Win64 single-executable (no DLLs) packages appear for the first time with this release.

Release Notes: This release added parsing of escape codes, improved existing features, and fixed bugs. There were also some changes to the build system, and new extra files were bundled.

  •  22 Jan 2013 01:18

Release Notes: The release fixes more than 17 bugs. It does not contain any new features.

  •  23 Oct 2012 12:57

Release Notes: This release fixed build problems that were caused by using different versions of autotools. Several bugs were fixed, some of which were related to new features.

Release Notes: There are two main directions in which improvements were made. One of them is TUI, which now has support for multiple columns and ls-like view as well as customizable file name decoration (prefix and suffix). The second one is connected with the command interpreter, which now supports built-in functions, conditional operators, and conditional execution of commands (using if-else-endif statements). Additionally, vifm's memory footprint was made smaller and running of programs associated with files made smarter (won't stop until an existing program is found).

  •  23 Jun 2012 22:53

Release Notes: This release fixes one serious bug and several small ones, adds some more information to the documentation, and adds very small enhancements.

Release Notes: This release removes support for moving items in the :file menu. It adds a description of :file programs. It improves messages in the TUI as well as its redrawing in various scenarios. It changes behaviour of the Enter key on selected directories. It works better with the PATH environment variable.

Release Notes: This release implements basic communication between different instances of vifm. It improves configuration initialization on startup. It implements some features on Windows that were absent for this platform before. It makes vifm faster to figure out that directory content was changed. There are other less significant changes.

Release Notes: This release changes the meaning of the :split command (so replace it with :vsplit in your vifmrc), adds backgrounding of the :copy, :move, :delete, ga, and gA commands, adds horizontal splitting and keys to control the size of the panes, adds a less-like view mode, makes some changes to the Vim plugin, and makes the Windows version much more usable.

  •  27 Nov 2011 22:16

Release Notes: This release adds more commands and options, improves previously-existing commands, adds vifminfo, THANKS, and FAQ files, allows remapping of built-in commands, adds undo and redo operations support, and adds a handy group rename command (:rename).


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