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Release Notes: This release improves interoperability between Wandora and the R language environment.

Release Notes: This release features an undo and redo for all topic map operations. It upgrades Twitter, Facebook, and Europeana extractors. There are numerous fixes and enhancements.

Release Notes: This version features dockable topic panels, a Europeana extractor, and a number of tiny fixes. Dockable topic panels allow the user to work simultaneously with several different topic views and editors, all synchronized.

Release Notes: New features include an SQL query result set extractor, R language integration (which requires a separate R installation), and uClassify integration. This release also contains usability enhancements and bugfixes.

Release Notes: Wandora's browser plugin works now with Firefox 4. The traditional topic panel can now view all variant names of a topic. A new feature for transforming variant names to topics and associations was added. A few minor bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: This release contains some minor feature enhancements related to the email extractor, a simple document extractor, a simple file structure extractor, a simple PDF extractor, and extractors. Enhanced extractors are more robust and generate cleaner Topic Maps compared to older versions.

Release Notes: This release contains Adjacency matrix export, Incidence matrix export, GXL graph export, a STANDS4 API extractor, and adds the missing variant scope feature. This version can also export any selectable topic set in XTM1, XTM2, LTM, JTM, RDF N3, graph, and matrix formats.

Release Notes: This release adds Diigo bookmark extractor, Twine RDF extractor, SKOS RDF extractor, FOAF RDF extractor, and YouTube URL extractor. It adds foreign key support to Generic SQL database import. The Tool manager and Bibtex extractor are rewritten. LTM import and export and topic drag and drop have been fixed. This release also contains many smaller bugfixes.

Release Notes: New and enhanced features include string similarity search, an enhanced occurrence text editor with direct occurrence classifiers, the ability to find topics with similar occurrences, the ability to find topic references in occurrences, and the ability to make topics out of occurrence selections. A "revert project" feature has been added. WWW site export templates have been refactored and simplified.

  •  11 Dec 2008 18:45

Release Notes: This release features an L-system generator for Topic Maps, an Ovi Shared media extractor, a generic Atom syndication feed extractor, Gene Ontology annotation flat file format import, and several new GeoNames extractors.


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