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WarTactical is a wargame in which each screen pixel corresponds to 10 feet of ground area, instead of splitting the field into hexagons. You can play a game against the computer or play a simple random setup. Dice are rolled when you attack, and this result is added to modifiers that are derived from the situation, such as whether the unit is pinned or how much armor it has, as well as what terrain it's on. You need to stay in contact with your HQ (leader) to move far. WW2 (or Modern) units like artillery, infantry, LMGs, paratroopers, cars, and HQ (leaders) are available. Modules are being developed to represent different time periods of war.

Operating Systems

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new finished LINUX version 03 Dec 2012

link wont last too long on free FTP, please email me & I will email it to you.

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  •  04 Dec 2012 02:33

Release Notes: This is the final version of 493.

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04 Dec 2012 21:00 marky222 new home on sourceforge

03 Dec 2012 22:39 marky222

link wont last long on free FTP

03 Dec 2012 22:38 marky222

new version for LINUX! you need a good spec Machine to run

06 Jul 2011 14:29 marky222

118 is out, now with ACW module, requested by many people

05 Jul 2011 05:43 marky222

WarTactical107 Now has a full graphical scenario editor/creator, dials are used to enter values for armor Strength and Ranges.

Ive made the cannon non-moveing for the computer.


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