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Release Notes: Defaults the token to using the system proxy setting automatically.

Release Notes: Improved logging. Pagination added to the log page. The DB connection pooling has been tuned to close unused DB connections after a minute. A new logging filter to reduce the number of meaningless log messages generated in debug. Pagination and filters have been added. The overall user search function at the top is now a substring search. Other bugfixes.

Release Notes: This release adds a new installer package for support of Windows XP and Chinese, automatically detects proxy settings, and adds minor bugfixes.

Release Notes: Performance tuning for high-volume servers with a large number of users. Makes System.out logs dependent on the log4j setting. Fixes the 'null' note in edit user. Pagination and filters have been added to the user page. Improved user search. The overall user search function at the top is now a substring search. Improved logging. Pagination has been added to the log page. Overall, a much faster server.

Release Notes: This release adds a catch for communication failures.

Release Notes: A token is now available for the BB10 platform.

Release Notes: Additional debugging code; better catches for communication errors. DNS-based domains can prepend an asterisk ( '*' ) to domain code for faster registration (changed from a D for ease of use/compatibility with numeric keypads). Fixes an issue where the registration code disappeared on rotation.

Release Notes: This release fixes one-time passcode lifetimes not being updated, fixes the back button on the domain page, and adds minor UI fixes.

Release Notes: This release ties the locked token to a particular PC, adds updates for Windows 8, and no longer requires Java to be pre-installed for the bundled installer.

Release Notes: Updates to address LDAP and sudo issues, better logic for finding the JDK, improved reporting for launch errors, support for Pg v9, and bugfixes.


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A GUI application for programming Logitech Harmony remote controls.


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A library for making high-quality scientific graphics.