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  •  24 Jan 2013 14:07

Release Notes: This release contains some bugfixes for libxbps, xbps-rindex(8), and xbps-install(8). Configure options were changed to --enable-foo. xbps-create(8) now supports --shlib-provides and --shlib-requires long options.

  •  30 Jun 2012 09:25

Release Notes: In xbps-repo(8), a regression in the 'genindex' target was fixed.

  •  27 May 2011 12:27

Release Notes: More meaningful messages were written for the show, show-deps, and show-files targets of xbps-bin and xbps-repo. Three new metadata objects were added for packages to specify homepage, license, and build date. Minor cosmetic changes were made.

  •  28 Dec 2010 15:12

Release Notes: Some memory leaks in libxbps and its clients were fixed.

  •  23 Dec 2010 23:49

Release Notes: Some fixes for the xbps-repo and xbps-uhelper apps due to API breakage in 0.7.0. Minor bugfixes and improvements.


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