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Release Notes: This is a performance release, adding the ability to tell how long the result can be cached in the specifications, to return "not modified" with "no data", and to received compressed data. Performance has improved over 3.0, and the JSON-RPC 2.0 calling convention has been added.

Release Notes: This release add cacheable functions and adds the ability to return unmodified results to avoid unneeded data traffic. A JSON-RPC 2.0 calling convention has been added. When an error occurs, more details are now returned to the client.

Release Notes: This release uses HTTP client 4.1, improves support for custom generated web.xml, and allows you to share data between the calling convention and the function. Performance has been improved.

Release Notes: This version adds the ability to not deploy a dependency in the WAR file. It is also possible to specify an extra XML element in the generated web.xml. The front-end calling convention is executed with one request per thread at a time. The mapping of the SOAP-MAP calling convention has been improved. The percentage of memory used is shown in the statistics. This release contains some bugfixes and small improvements.

Release Notes: The Web Service can be started with "java -jar <api name>.war" with an option to start it with a graphical user interface. It is possible to include or exclude calling convention with the ACLs. The runtime properties can include other files and the location can be a URL. The generated build.xml is now much smaller. Several bugs were fixed and small RFEs have been implemented.

Release Notes: The user interface has been improved. A new tool command has been added to execute the Glean utility. Documentation has been added on how to set up Servlet filters. HttpClient has been upgraded. This release also fixes several bugs.

Release Notes: A new _xins-soap-map has been added that maps the SOAP request the same way as the wsdl-to-api command does. There is a new graphical user interface for the internal Servlet container and for the specifications included in the test forms. The runtime property can be defined using a URL, and it can include other runtime properties. The Web Start file to start the API can be generated. The pattern types can be checked directly on the type page. This release contains many bugfixes.

Release Notes: It is now possible to start APIs using 'java -jar <api name>.war' even if XINS is not installed. It is possible to accept or deny requests based on the calling convention used together with the ACL. The internal Servlet container can accept multiple requests at the same time. The generated build.xml is now much smaller. This release also includes various improvements in the generated OpenDocument format.

Release Notes: A new target has been added to execute code coverage with EMMA. If no environment is specified, the test form is generated with a text field for the location of the API. The specdocs have been improved with favicon, meta information, better CSS, and XHTML. This release also includes many bugfixes and small improvements.

Release Notes: This release adds support for JSON calling conventions, shared error codes, and import of WSDL and XML Schema. Integration with the Spring framework and GWT has been improved. New examples with Groovy, REST, and the Dojo toolkit have been added. Many other small features and improvements have been done.


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