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Release Notes: This release adds support for reading TIFF files using a native libtiff, a new Chinese simplified translation, and several small enhancements and bugfixes.

  •  01 Jan 2013 22:45

Release Notes: The most remarkable new feature of this release is the option to print a report for sent and received faxes. Apart from that, this release primarily contains several minor bugfixes and enhancements.

Release Notes: This release adds a commandline-only mode and updates all URLs to the new homepage.

  •  02 Mar 2009 16:47

Release Notes: Some bugs were fixed. A Greek translation was added. Support for manually answering a phone call was added (similar to faxanswer). An update checker was added.

  •  03 Sep 2008 13:40

Release Notes: The phone book window has been reworked. Support for sharing the read/unread state between different computers has been added. A Russian translation has been added.

  •  12 Aug 2008 17:34

Release Notes: This release contains a new, simplified send dialog. Support for cover pages in HTML format and (using a plugin) in XSL:FO and ODT format has been added.

  •  18 Sep 2007 11:18

Release Notes: The UI has been improved/"polished" a bit, and the restriction that some columns have to be visible has been removed.

  •  20 Jul 2007 06:09

Release Notes: This release adds a French translation, new commandline arguments, and suspend/resume for fax jobs. Beginning with this release, the unmodified gnu.hylafax library is used by default.

  •  12 Apr 2007 13:57

Release Notes: This release adds the ability to print tables. Multiple open phone books are possible. A read-only LDAP phone book and colored background for failed fax jobs have been added.

  •  18 Mar 2007 12:38

Release Notes: A bug occasionally causing corrupt fax jobs was fixed. New command line parameters were added and the documentation updated.


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