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YAZ (yet another Z39.50 toolkit) is a portable C/C++ programmer's toolkit which supports the development of Z39.50v3 clients and servers. Sample clients and a server are included with the distribution.

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  •  26 Jan 2013 01:09

    Release Notes: ICU has a new conversion element 'join', which joins tokens into one with a custom character given by the rule attribute.

    •  06 Jun 2007 15:05

    Release Notes: An SRU record update. Fixes for ZOOM async I/O. Improved MARC conversion utilities. A new OID API. The core YAZ library no longer relies on POSIX/WIN threads. Character set fixes and updates.

    •  15 Oct 2006 01:00

    Release Notes: Minor bugs were fixed. The license was changed to the revised BSD license. YAZ has used a BSD inspired license until now, so this should not have any real impact on anybody.

    •  22 Sep 2006 14:18

    Release Notes: MARC-8 character conversion fixes. Better SRU support. IPV6 support. Improved event handling for ZOOM. XML configuration for a front end server that allows record conversions and virtual server hosting.

    •  27 Apr 2005 02:44

    Release Notes: This version features updates and fixes in the SRW/SRU code, fixes for MARC-8 character set conversions, fixes for MARC decoder and conversions to MARCXML, adds a utility to convert from OPAC record to OPACXML, and adds support for virtual hosting in the YAZ frontend server.


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