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Release Notes: This release adds a Recent Changes dialog and a search entry in the toolbar. A critical bug is fixed when using templates that have a resources folder. An additional fix has been made for week numbers in Journal pages. Updates have been made to the Distraction Free Editing plugin, the Quick Note plugin, and the Attachments Browser plugin. New translations are added for Korean and Norwegian Bokmal. Note that from this release onwards, Python 2.6 is a prerequisite.

Release Notes: This release is first of all a bugfix release, with a critical fix for a bug preventing zim from starting after a crash. Exporting LaTeX equations and interwiki links works again. New features include a new plugin for a "distraction free" fullscreen mode and more options to configure the tasklist plugin.

Release Notes: Highlights of this release are a rework of the side panes, allowing plugins to be positioned on any side, simpler configuration for external applications, a critical bugfix for the version control plugin, and fixes for localization on Windows. A number of improvements have been made to the attachment browser, the calendar plugin, and the tasklist plugin. New features include the option to export to ReST and two new plugins, one for inserting music scores using GNU Lilypond, and another for Zeitgeist integration.

Release Notes: This release adds support for version control with Mercurial and Git as backends in addition to the previous Bazaar support. The attachment browser supports drag & drop, and notebooks can have a notebook specific configuration "profile". A new plugin was added to handle "ditaa" diagrams. A critical bug was fixed that prevented opening email addresses without a "mailto:" prefix. A bug where the context menu for the page index applied to the current page was fixed, and the sidepane and tagcloud remember state. A Serbian translation was added.

Release Notes: This release adds support for numbered lists, and adds Markdown as an export format (and "Copy As" format). The index is now sorted "naturally" (so "10" sorts below "9") and there is a new plugin to show a table of contents per page. The search dialog has been fixed so that it no longer hangs while searching, results are now shown incrementally, and the search can be canceled. This release fixed bugs with the export dialog and for case-sensitive rename on Windows.

Release Notes: This is a bugfix release with a minor feature enhancement: tasklist now supports nested tasks. It also adds an automount plugin, adds new mono icons for the Ubuntu Unity panel, fixes bugs related to links in read-only mode and to drag-and-drop of links, and fixes a bug which made the index jump with every click.

Release Notes: This release adds several new features: support for using images as links, a print button in the tasklist dialog, the option for the calendar to have a page per week, month, or year instead of per day, implicit deadline for tasks defined in calendar pages, a new plugin for evaluating inline arithmetic expressions, and a template function for page indexes. It also contains a large number of bugfixes; the most notable are restoring the use of relative paths on copy-paste and fixes for various exceptions when moving pages.

Release Notes: This release finally adds support to organize pages by tags with an index and a tag cloud widget in the side pane. Pages are now moved to the system Trash instead of being deleted immediately. Other improvements include support to open pages by clicking in the link map, controls to increase and decrease the editor font, and support for interwiki links when exporting to HTML. A critical bug was fixed for resizing images, as well as a bug with the auto-completion of pages in various dialogs. Plugins were added to insert plots based on GNUplot and to sort text by line in the editor.

Release Notes: Two critical bugs were fixed in this release: for specific cases, text could go missing on rename when the page title was updated, and on Windows, starting zim failed because the log file could not be written. Zim will no longer overwrite files when attaching the same file name twice. Display of file paths in the notebook dialog was improved. Zim now accepts image data on copy-paste. A number of known issues with indenting having been fixed. A translation for Danish was added.

Release Notes: This release has various updates and bugfixes. The export dialog has been restructured, and LaTeX export has been improved. The "Quick Note" plugin now supports a template and can append to existing pages. The Web interface has been fixed so that it is actually open to remote hosts and supports images and attachments. All work has been merged to support the Maemo platform. Translations are added for Catalan, Croatian, and Slovak.


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