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Release Notes: This release adds a parameter to allow alpha channel removal based on average image transparency.

Release Notes: This release added SASL support for HTTP authentication and fixed nameserver-related code that prevented compilation on certain OS and architecture combinations, such as glibc and GCC on ARM.

Release Notes: Code to avoid unnecessary image processing was added, providing some CPU processing savings. The stdin/stdout daemon-mode kludges were fixed.

Release Notes: The image recompression core was rewritten. Full support for pictures with transparency was added. Palette and alpha channel optimization routines were added. Support for color to grayscale conversion was added for better compression.

  •  21 May 2010 08:56

Release Notes: Provisions were added for dealing with huge image files (over 4GB once expanded) which could be used for DoS attack.

Release Notes: IP ToS support (L7 HTTP QoS) was added. Internal 32-bit limitations were eliminated for file size and time counter. UID/GID and PID provisions were added for daemon operation. A limiter was added for simultaneous connections. A new error/warning system with more verbosity is used. libpng 1.4 compilation problems were fixed. General code cleanup, improvements, and bugfixes were done.

  •  30 Sep 2009 06:30

Release Notes: LogFile timer was not properly initialized and the first measurement was always wrong. This has been fixed. Minor mistakes in acknowledgment texts were also fixed.

  •  13 Sep 2009 12:22

Release Notes: HTTP/0.9 simple response support was fixed. A workaround was implemented for buggy sites which send invalid Content-Encoding data. A specific case when gzipped data was considered corrupted was fixed.

Release Notes: This release adds new features to mitigate the transparent proxy vulnerability US-CERT VU#435052. It adds a provision against "image bomb" DoS. There are miscellaneous JP2-related bugfixes and enhancements. It adds logging for crashed processes, adds support for "ICY"-type Shoutcast streams, fixes support for non-standard HTTP/HTTPS ports (worst problems under non-x86 architectures), adds more sofisticated Ad-blocking features, changes JPG and JP2 defaults, obsoletes some options, and has major source code cleanup.


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A universal source code to formatted text converter.


Project Spotlight


A tool for preparing HTML slides with LaTeX formulae.