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Release Notes: This release adds minor improvements to x86 code analysis and fixes identification of Intel Ivy Bridge processors. It also adds support for Intel Haswell, Intel Atom (Cloverview), and AMD Famiy 16h (Jaguar) processors. An issue with automatic process/thread selection when filtering is enabled has also been fixed.

Release Notes: This release adds support for the 3.0.0 kernel.

Release Notes: This release adds support for Intel Performance Monitoring Architecture and AMD Family 11h processors. Compatibility with oprofile has been improved. Several bugs have also been fixed.

Release Notes: Support for running inside of VirtualBox has been implemented. The ability to hide self and total columns in the hotspot view has been added. A problem with the resolution of vmlinux (kernel) symbols on some platforms has been fixed. UI responsiveness has been improved for profiles containing many processes. The installer has been improved to allow installation on unknown Linux distributions and now checks for platform compatibility.

Release Notes: This release features simplified packaging and adds support for automated installation under BusyBox. The ability to open the same profile in multiple tabs has been added, and profiles without a .zoom extension can now be opened. A problem with licensing when no network is available has been fixed. Host name resolution has been improved for the remote profiling case.


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