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  •  02 Apr 2014 22:05

Release Notes: This release adds support for c64 SID files, fixes playback of some AS0/ASC, AY, TS, and YM5 files, makes the version for Android support the High Voltage SID Collection online catalog, and fixes crashes reported via the GooglePlay channel.

  •  26 Dec 2013 10:22

Release Notes: This release added online access to the ModLand module collection in the Android version. A crash caused by downloading files of unknown sizes was fixed along with browse progress cancelation on current directory change. SAA playback was fixed for some platforms. Detection of STIM (SlamTilt) tracks was improved.

  •  21 Dec 2013 01:45

Release Notes: This release adds support for more than 40 chiptune formats for different platforms using the libxmp library. There are also several fixes for the Android version: a fix for a crash and processing of invalid playlist modules, rewinding of finished modules, and changing the 'back' button behaviour on the file browser pane.

  •  06 Nov 2013 00:53

Release Notes: This release contains fixes for file autorenaming during conversion/export and AS0/ASC playback. The xtractor tool is now is able to search TurboSound containers and some compressed graphic images (ASC Screen Crusher and Laser Compact 4.0 & 5.2). The minimum version for Android is now 2.3.5 (API v10). Support for xxhdpi devices has been added. Loop/random playlist mode and playing/import of .xspf and .ayl files have been added. Playlist and browser views have fast navigation thumbnails. Small screen devices have a sliding panes navigation bar. Updates to the main icon and main graphics.

  •  15 Oct 2013 12:14

Release Notes: This release added the ability to browse and listen to chiptunes from in the Android version. The CPU is now held while working. Runtime statistics for the scanning service were improved, UI hangs during playback operations were fixed, and human-readable objects sizes were provided in the file browser. The xtractor utility is now able to extract chiptunes using a new experimental search engine. TRUSH packed block processing was fixed.

  •  01 Oct 2013 12:50

Release Notes: This release provides some fixes in core library: reduced delay while tracks switch, improved error processing in DirectSound backend, improved detection of small modules, a fix for memory corruption in the unrar library, and a fix for a crash in zxtune-qt while embedding small files in the playlist. The Android version now supports selection mode in the file browser, a scan service for adding folders and files to the playlist, a playlist cleanup command, and improved headset media button control.

  •  06 Aug 2013 13:26

Release Notes: This release speeds up sound rendering for all the types of modules. LZH2 decoding and AYM conversion were fixed. Memory usage while playing back TFC/TFD was improved. zxtune-qt now supports storage of playlists with relative item paths and item content itself. The Android version received several crash fixes, a Russian translation, updated seek control, optimized package size, and more.

  •  13 Jun 2013 21:48

Release Notes: This release adds high-quality renderer for SAA-based chiptunes and precise samples frequency setup for DAC-based chiptunes. It fixes playback of TF0/TFE and DST chiptunes and significantly improves sound rendering pipeline performance.

  •  29 May 2013 20:39

Release Notes: This release adds support for TFM Music Maker modules (TF0/TFE) and fixes playback of SQD and PT3 modules.

  •  13 May 2013 23:02

Release Notes: This release adds support for Philips SAA1099 emulation and E-Tracker format support from the Sam Coupe platform (COP). It also adds HQ interpolation for AY/YM rendering.


Project Spotlight


A tool to conduct TCP performance analysis.


Project Spotlight


A libpcap, IPFIX, NetFlow, and sFlow IPv4/IPv6 accounting package.