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  •  22 Apr 2014 13:56

Release Notes: This release adds new functionality to zxtune-qt to auto-select the first newly added module into the playlist and stop playback if the playlist of the currently played module is cleared or closed. The Android version now supports navigation buttons in the notification area and I/O and browse operations progress. Sequenced playback was added in browser preview mode. A crash while selecting modules from the playlist was fixed.

  •  09 Dec 2013 23:02

Release Notes: This release adds some changes in the version for android: playlist items reordering, disabling looped and shuffled playback of single playlist files, and adding plugins information in the About dialog. zxtune-qt now has human-readable data size in the playlist statistic and uses plain text instead of playlist items' type display. It also fixes a crash in DMM module parsing and skipping invalid files in LHA archives.

  •  01 Oct 2013 12:50

Release Notes: This release provides some fixes in core library: reduced delay while tracks switch, improved error processing in DirectSound backend, improved detection of small modules, a fix for memory corruption in the unrar library, and a fix for a crash in zxtune-qt while embedding small files in the playlist. The Android version now supports selection mode in the file browser, a scan service for adding folders and files to the playlist, a playlist cleanup command, and improved headset media button control.

  •  20 Aug 2013 08:47

Release Notes: This release adds fixes in MegaLZ and TF0/TFE decoding. An automatic updates check was provided in zxtune-qt. The file browser in zxtune-android was improved with asynchronous browsing, simplified UI, and the ability to a play folder's content (via long click). Playback can now be controlled via media buttons on the headset, and paused by disconnecting the headset (not for all devices). Navigation on playlist bounds was fixed.

  •  06 Aug 2013 13:26

Release Notes: This release speeds up sound rendering for all the types of modules. LZH2 decoding and AYM conversion were fixed. Memory usage while playing back TFC/TFD was improved. zxtune-qt now supports storage of playlists with relative item paths and item content itself. The Android version received several crash fixes, a Russian translation, updated seek control, optimized package size, and more.

  •  20 Mar 2013 22:03

Release Notes: This release adds support for SQ-Tracker compiled modules (SQT). It also fixes a crash on zero-sized files in LHA archives, and scan speed is slightly improved. In zxtune-qt, it fixes conversion/export in the case of a target folder in form of 'X:/'. zxtune-qt now tries to load all the playlists in its own folder if no stored sessions are found (for brand new users).

  •  20 Feb 2013 23:42

Release Notes: This release fixes crash and hangup while scanning. It improves AY/YM rendering speed. It fixes the TFM analyzer. It supports the ARMHF hardware platform (Raspberry Pi). SampleTracker and ChipTracker parsing are reworked. There is a fixed crash and UI update in zxtune-qt.

  •  14 Nov 2012 22:55

Release Notes: This release adds check updates functionality in zxtune-qt. It adds playlist caching parameters setup. It fixes startup of $PATH-located binary by short name.

  •  27 Sep 2012 20:49

Release Notes: Stereo mode setup for MP3 encoding. Slight speedup for ay/ym rendering. A fix for OSS that doesn't support unsigned samples. Reduced size of gcc-based builds. Scan pausing support in zxtune-qt. Creation of all required directories is possible during convert/export in zxtune-qt. 'Remove all unavailable' functionality in playlists' context menu. The 'deep scanning' option has been removed (enabled by default). Does not resolve all the directories before scanning; uses in-place search with a little lookahead. Fixed and improved performance of inserting of previously copied playlist items in zxtune-qt.

  •  11 Sep 2012 12:47

Release Notes: Internationalization and localization is now supported, and a Russian translation was included. ARM platform support was added. '[Extension]' fields are now supported in templates. A crash in the ALSA backend if no devices are found was fixed. Saving and loading of playlists containing non-ASCII symbols was fixed. Global options are now used while converting to sound formats. A crash in zxtune123 was fixed.


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