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No download No website Updated 26 Jun 2013 Katello

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Katello is a systems management engine providing workflows for configuration management, subscription management, provisioning, and content management.

Download Website Updated 29 Jan 2013 smallSocks

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smallSocks is a small SOCKS server implementation in Python, supporting the SOCKS 4 and 4a protocols.

No download No website Updated 02 Feb 2013 DynaFabric

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DynaFabric is an SSH-based command dispatching and systems management framework, designed for easy implementation on existing networks. It allows you to configure SSH key based authentication and centrally dispatch commands, manage installed software, maintain services, and enforce policies across your systems. It is designed to be platform agnostic; support is being developed for FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD RHEL/CentOS, Ubuntu, Solaris 10, Solaris 11, and Illumos.

Download Website Updated 18 Feb 2014 linuxptp

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linuxptp is an implementation of the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) according to IEEE standard 1588 for Linux. The dual design goals are to provide a robust implementation of the standard and to use the most relevant and modern Application Programming Interfaces (API) offered by the Linux kernel. Supporting legacy APIs and other platforms is not a goal.


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Arcavias Core

High performance e-commerce.


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A fast and tiny logger for Java.